About Network Locum

Network Locum is an online network to match GP locums and practices directly when practices need cover. For GPs that means at last you can take full control of when you work and where, and finding locum work is quick, easy and transparent.

We are different from an agency, because our GPs have access to absolutely every job that has been posted. You have the power to pick the perfect hours, rates and locations for you. We’ll never shoe-horn you into jobs you don’t want or need, for less money than you deserve, and best of all the site is completely free for GPs to use.

We are a service for GPs, by GPs. Network Locum was founded on the advice of GPs and we work closely with a small team of super-bright GPs in every aspect of how we run, We not only provide jobs but we invest in you: we run free CPD and networking events for all doctors signed up with Network Locum. We offer services and discounts regularly and maintain the largest online community of GPs on facebook. We will support you every step of the way.

So, how does it work?

After you sign up, the site will create you a profile. Your profile securely stores everything practices need to know about you. Once you’ve been accepted for your first job, your necessary documents and information (that you will have uploaded) will become available to them. It means that you can apply for jobs simply in just one click.

If something sounds interesting but not quite right, you also have the ability to negotiate job rates and times directly with the practice manager before you apply.

We keep you up to date by email and sometimes phone and if you ever need any help we have the nicest (we’ve been told!) customer service team on hand to help you with everything you might need. It couldn’t be easier.

So how would I get paid?

When the job is done, the practice pay you directly. You receive everything you earn and we don’t touch a penny. But we do know that creating invoices and filling out forms can be a hassle so we’ve got a tool that does it all for you. At the end of a job, you click one button and we’ll automatically create your invoice (and pension form if required) and send it straight to the practice for you.

Sounds too good to be true? Read our testimonials here or jump straight in and sign up.



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