NHS in the news

Sugar tax threatens NHS staff with starvation


Row breaks out over whether cinnamon sprinkles are taxable on a soya macchiato

The tax on sugar in hospitals is already predicted to cause another NHS crisis as staff protested that there is no other choice of food.

The tax, proposed by the government as a way of promoting health amongst the workforce is reported to have already left doctors and nurses in one hospital fighting over a packet of sugar-free gum and the single apple on sale, retailing at £3.99.

A row had also broken out over whether cinnamon sprinkles were taxable on a soya macchiato.

Junior doctors are said to be in a state of near-collapse.  “I don’t usually have time to eat or drink, so I’m mostly sustained by a couple of parma violets and some wine gums to get through my shift,” said a doctor to the GP reporter.  “I’m hoping I’ll be ok because I once ate a takeaway curry in 2009.”

The crisis is also threatening to worsen the problem of the rising female workforce as women doctors claimed they will struggle to find chocolate when they are in bad moods.

But not everyone is against the scheme.  “Why staff want sugar is beyond us,” said a contractor for a hospital canteen.  “We can offer many more filling options.  Today we have macaroni cheese, baked potato or roasties and staff can choose fries and gravy with any of those dishes and then we have a hot treacle sponge.”

A spokesman for NHS catering was unavailable for comment on his phone as he had his mouth full of  a bacon and cheese wrap with mayonnaise and a bottle of Tizer in his hand.



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