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A year on the blog: what you read most in 2015

It’s the end of the year and time to look back on the best blog articles of 2015.

Here’s what you read most over the last year – and it might not be what you think.

Most clicked upon


Spoof posting GPs storm London Transport in exodus to become tube drivers featured GP Dr Totali Pistov, patient Mrs Compa Laining and a scenario where medical defence fees topped £150,000 a year, the post went viral reaching 12,000 views.

Most informative

_MG_6601 (1)

Tehseen Khan’s article What you need to know when you finish VTS was widely read proving its value to newly qualified GPs.

Most surprising


Should I set up a limited company to work as a locum doctor

Despite the age of this article, people keep being drawn back to it.  Setting up an Ltd means losing out on the NHS pension scheme but you’re still reading about whether to go Ltd.  6500 views in 2015 alone…

Most helpful

Dr Ishani Patel, Head of Clinical Education


Ishani Patel wrote on the sciene of Mindfulness. This was followed up by an event, The Head in General Practice, where the audience of GPs found themselves deeply relaxed in a mindfulness exercise lead by Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi, Mindfulness psychotherapist.

Most newsworthy


The Hashtag backlash against Hunt  kept readers informed of the #Iminworkjeremy twitter craze.  Top trending on twitter in the UK on its debut, the social media campaign mushroomed overnight in response to health minister Jeremy Hunt’s comments that there was a “9 to 5 culture in the NHS.”

Out of Hours


Out of hours GP Tarun Gupta wrote about why he enjoys out of hours and .

Most popular?  How out of hours GPs will need to adapt to the new contract.

Most opinionated


Post by Dr Claire Davies, Lead GP Columnist exhausted by this election

Election fever hit the blog with  GPs need to inform their patients about false election promises.

Unfortunately the false promises are turning out to be real political dreams in the forms of 7 day working and the mythical 5000 new GPs.

To all our readers, whether you’re celebrating tonight or holding the fort in out of hours, have a happy new year from all of us at Network Locum.



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