How to write a successful blog article for GPs

Want to write for our blog – written by GPs for GPs?

Writing a blog article is easy if you follow these basic principles:


Is it a good article?

First ask yourself, ‘why should the reader care?’

If the topic is something that informs, amuses or provokes opinion from GPs then you have a good starting point.   Either cover the topic more accurately than anyone else or give the reader something new.

What kind of topics can I write about?

This can be anything – as long as it’s relevant to primary care.  Bear in mind who the audience are – mostly locum, salaried and portfolio GPs.

Articles can be an opinion piece, a piece of information or news, reporting on an event, an interesting portfolio role or advice on how to do something that people can’t easily find elsewhere.

How to write for the internet

Make sure your reader knows what your article is about in the first sentence.   Grab the readers attention at the beginning and then give them the key points.

Articles with shorter sentences and paragraphs (2-3 sentences) are more widely read and shared than literary prose.

Keep it short: 500-750 words maximum. Use the wordcount tool on your software rather than just guessing.

Even experienced writers find it difficult to get going at times.  Try to start with a plan in mind of what you need to say and then just write something – anything!  Once you’re done, you can then…


Embrace editing

No-one gets it right first time.  Put your work in double spacing, print it off and read it out loud to yourself to hear how it flows.

At times, the editor will make changes to your work just to make it flow better.  Every publication does this – it’s nothing personal.

Use images

Images will always make online articles more appealing.  You don’t need to be a pro at photography – in fact camera phone pictures look more ‘real’ and engaging than high quality photos which can look too much like adverts at times.

Use photos of people wherever possible – buildings and objects are less interesting.


What are the pitfalls?

Be aware that the blog is publically accessible including to your patients and employer.

Avoid discussing details of individual patients unless you have their informed consent.

Be aware of making defamatory statements about others that could cause serious harm to their employment or reputation.  If in doubt – consult the editor.

And finally

We’ll give you a heads-up once your article is live on our blog and ask you to introduce it to our Facebook group as well as share on your own social media.  Adding a sentence or two to a posting tends to increase reader engagement with your blog.

Want to get in touch?  Email the GP blog editor blog@networklocum.com.


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