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Nominate someone for our Ambassador programme

We’re looking for an Ambassador

We are really excited to announce Network Locum is launching a GP Ambassador programme.

Network Locum was built with your needs in mind and could not have become the market-leading platform it is today without your support. As we expand, we would love to continue working with fantastic GPs and we are looking for an Ambassador to help promote our goals of providing better access to clinical education and sessions for GPs.

Our Ambassador would help organise educational or social events – at least 2 per month, and have the opportunity to speak at events or to VTS groups.

Being an Ambassador also comes with great range of benefits including exclusive networking events and support & training. This is a paid role.


Full Support

Ambassadors receive the full range of support to perform their roles well, with training, business cards, and resources as part of the role.

Profile-Raising Exposure

Ambassadors would receive an introduction exposure piece on our website and blog, and would be invited to our exclusive GP Innovation Forum networking events, as well as given the opportunity to speak at our CPD events, and to co-present ‘Life as a GP locum’ presentations to VTS training groups in and around London.


Network Locum is a fast-growing company at the forefront of the digital revolution in healthcare services. Being an Ambassador offers unparalleled access to senior management in a fast-growing health-tech company and the rest of the Ambassador Network on our exciting journey to make locuming *that* much better.

To nominate a GP (or GPs) for this role, send a short email to including their full name, email address and location.

Only current registered users may nominate other users or themselves.


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