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Digital Doctor conference in Covent Garden

This weekend I attended the Digital Doctor conference in Covent Garden, London.

The conference was put on by small group of innovators (doctors and IT professionals) whose vision is to help clinicians harness the power of modern technology to improve efficiency and quality of patient care. What a great conference with some really forward thinking people.

It was here that I met Dr Ghandi, who writes the acclaimed Elearning blog  and has guest blogged for us at NL. He is one of the most inspiring digital doctors I have met. We decided to attend different sessions and exchange our ideas at the end (it was very difficult to decide which session to attend when 3 were running at the same time).  Dr Ghandi, as many of you know is very active on Twitter and through blogs. I came across GPs, such as Nilesh, who had attended the conference just from following his tweets about the event.

Saturday was focused on the use of technology in making everyday tasks more efficient. I had attended Dr Edward Wallitt’s (From Podmedics) session on task management, which was really helpful. I felt guilty that I was missing the session by Dr Wai Keong Wong on literature (journals, RSS feeds) which I would have loved to learn more about.

Afterwards Dr Anne Marie Cunningham (known as the “Queen of Social Media” by her colleagues) talked about her views on patient privacy, this was truly enlightening and I was delighted to hear her views. One of the most challenging tasks for doctors nowadays is keeping a keen eye on trust and privacy issues. This is something all of us at Network Locum always keep at the forefront of our minds.

Sunday, was all about app creation – how to do it, what is involved, how to bend technology We at Network Locum are looking at developing an app and it was really interesting to hear about how to approach that so that I could go back and report new thoughts the rest of the team.

What a great weekend, I learned a lot and had some very interesting conversations with medics at the forefront of digital innovation, made some great friends too! It really firmed up my belief that combining IT and medicine is a big part of future progress.

Please let me know about any future events!


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Gizem had a great time at the digital doctors conference at the weekend

Gizem had a great time at the digital doctors conference at the weekend

Intern at Network Locum


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