Managing finances

Admin (yawn…) how to make the most of your time and maximise your income.

Administration is boring!

Updating your CV, sending it off in the post to practices, faxing through all of your verification documents, giving phone numbers of referees… is that how you want to spend your free time? Well, unfortunately that’s how many locum GP’s looking for work do.

“It takes a long time to get the message across that I am qualified and that I can do a good job. When I first qualified I did a lot of waiting for practices to come back to me with a yes or a no ” Kieran, a locum GP from Birmingham told us.

Even if you’re an admin lover (and let’s face it, most GPs are not), the time you spend typing, printing, faxing, posting has a very high opportunity cost. “That time could be spent earning money or doing your hobbies” Libby, a Locum GP and life coach “Every hour is precious, particularly for locum GP’s, who can earn quite a lot by the hour”

We understand this, which is why we designed Network Locum. When Network Locum GPs aren’t working, they are certainly not spending time licking stamps. Their online profile has all of their scanned qualifications and checks in one place. We tell them about jobs and they can apply in one click. They can even automatically collect feedback from practices to show off how good they are.

Hopefully, experiences like Kieran’s will be thing of the past. We hope to pack his schedule full of work and leave time he has free for him to enjoy all the hard earned money he has made!


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