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“Doctor, I can’t stop myself blogging” – Network Locum Survival Guide features in Sunday Times

"Doctor, I can't stop myself blogging" - article published in the Sunday Times, featuring the Network Locum Survival Guide (12-02-2012).

Network Locum Survival Guide has finally gotten a chance to shine. The Sunday Times, which circulates through almost one million households each Sunday, has published a grabbing article on blogging in its Business section. 

The article starts with introducing Melissa Morris, the founder of Network Locum and goes further to explain how important it is to form a connection through online presence. Although Network Locum’s main website is still undergoing further development assuring that the finalised product  is even better and easier to use, the blog is already providing a platform for advice, discussion and opinion sharing.  

Even before we go live, it shows there is substance to our idea and that we are solving a problem.”

Network Locum responds to the increasing demand in the locum industry while offering a much more efficient solution at a considerably lower rate when compared to agencies. 

The trend towards treating more patients in surgeries instead of hospitals means demand for extra help will keep growing. I heard lots of complaints about the cost of hiring locums in my job with the NHS.” 

Network Locum would like to thank all of its contributors who help form the NL Survival Guide. 

Network locum is an online tool that enables practices and locums to communicate and find jobs directly, without the need for an agency. Contact Melissa Morris,

Find us on 


3 thoughts on ““Doctor, I can’t stop myself blogging” – Network Locum Survival Guide features in Sunday Times

  1. Go for it – Im all for reducing Agents fees, particularly in this arena and ensuring hard earned cash remains in the NHS to benefit everyone!

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